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The Taiwanese Animators' take on Ohio State-Michigan includes Jake Butt as a literal butt

*insert crying laughing emoji*

We're all familiar with the Taiwanese Animators.

Whether they're lampooning a political event or they're making fun of pop culture, you can always count on a timely, over the top humorous take on the day's issues at hand.

With this coming Saturday's 112th edition of The Game looming, the Animators didn't waste any time picking apart both the Buckeyes and the Wolverines.

Though we'll pretend they didn't endorse Jim Harbaugh's Michigan team at the end of the video, the rest have plenty of highlights sure to solicit laughs amongst you and your family at Thanksgiving.

Amongst the best:

The Silver Bullets as literal silver bullets:

The Taiwanese refer to Cardale as "BIG BOY JONES":

They say Ezekiel Elliott will be a factor if a) he can stop crying long enough and b) he is literally fed footballs:


Joey Bosa as The Hulk, taking on the aforementioned butt:

And finally, Jim Harbaugh getting so angry his head explodes: