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Ohio state governor bans khakis, the letter M, to help beat Michigan

Avoid pleated pants and that M, folks.

Ohio state governor John Kasich passed a resolution Friday, banning khakis, and the letter M to help beat Michigan tomorrow in The Game.

This is the third annual Scarlet Letter Saturday. In his resolution, Kasich recognizes Jim Tressel's trademark vest, Bo Schembechler's timeless hat, and Woody Hayes' glasses. He also recognizes Jim Harbaugh's signature khaki pants, which he alleges were purchased at Wal-Mart for $8 a pair.

It also gives a mention to Jake from State Farm, as he and Jim Harbaugh have a very similar wardrobe.

Concluding, it names Saturday "Scarlet Letter Saturday" for yet the third year in a row, for all Ohioans to avoid using the letter M on that day.

Regardless of your politics, it's easy to agree:

Go Bucks.