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Ohio State players get locked of our their Michigan hotel rooms


When it comes to the biggest rivalry in all of college sports, you look for every possible advantage you can find. Fire alarms have a way of randomly being tested in hotels, elevators might suddenly stop working, and any teensy bit of sabotage will be explored. It certainly looks like Ohio State's most recent travel hiccup isn't exactly a coincidence.

Hmm, so strange that all of hotel key cards for the Ohio State football players all decided to fail at once, especially at a hotel in Michigan, right before the Michigan game. Curious, don't you think?

I mean, of all the things that could possibly go wrong here, getting locked out of your hotel for a little bit is still pretty far down the list. It's not like college students aren't used to going to bed before midnight or anything. But it's still a fun little tweak in the rivalry...or the height of dastardly deception I guess.