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Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Kareem Walker decommits, Nick Bosa out for season

Bad news for the Buckeyes came Tuesday regarding two members of their 2016 class.

Last night, most of Buckeye nation saw their beloved Buckeyes voted number three in the first College Football Playoff poll. Urban Meyer and his coaching staff will be working full force to lay it on Minnesota'a squad this Saturday in Columbus. This week is all about prepping and re-focusing a team who could have a newly found pissed-off attitude this weekend.

However, though there's a big one coming up, it doesn't mean news on the recruiting trail stops. Recruiting is a restless job and there truly is never a dull moment when dealing with hundreds of elite high school prospects around the country. The 2016 class received some bad news on Tuesday regarding two of their highest-rated players.

Walker cuts ties with OSU

In case you missed it, the number one running back in the country, Kareem Walker announced that he has decommitted from Ohio State. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as Walker has been wavering for months. Dating back to summer when Walker visited Arizona State and then to his visit to Michigan last month, it was clear Walker and Ohio State were on thin ice. It seemed like the final nail in the coffin was when the Buckeyes accepted a commitment from Antonio Williams in October. Click here for a full update on the Kareem Walker saga.

Bosa out for season

Five-star defensive end Nick Bosa was ruled out for the rest of his senior season after tearing his ACL. Bosa, one of the highest-rated players in the country, should be ready to go when next year's fall camp rolls around. Though the Ohio State medical staff will certainly make sure he's completely 100% before rushing him out to practice his freshman year. It can still happen, but Bosa was thought to challenge for playing time next season and time will tell if this injury puts a damper on that thought for next season. Just twenty years ago, an ACL tear could mean an end of a career for some players, but with medicine now, certain kids are able to come back after just six months. Every athlete is different, of course, and there's no doubt Nick should make a full recovery. The Bosa family has been good to Ohio State and that won't change when Nick arrives on campus.