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Why is this news?: We haven't seen everything Braxton Miller has to offer yet

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

"Despite all those touchdowns and highlight-reel moments already documented throughout his career, [Braxton] Miller has even more in his arsenal that hasn't been unleashed yet in a game."

Austin Ward,

Braxton Miller has had some great highlight-reel moments this season, and as it was highlighted by Austin Ward, he still feels he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and is ready to strike when the opportunity presents itself. We have seen his array of jukes, spins, and stutter steps, but Miller also feels that he can throw a mean stiff arm, or hurdle somebody like Ezekiel Elliott has done all season. He has enjoyed making new and exciting plays at his new position, and is getting more comfortable in his role as the season progresses.

Ohio State still has four games left in the regular season, and Miller is itching to make his next exciting play. We might even see some old tricks from Braxton this upcoming weekend against Minnesota, with J.T. Barrett out, Cardale Jones is the starter, and Miller has come into the back up spot. The threat of Barrett in the red zone was huge for the Buckeyes in their past two games, and it would not be surprising to see some old Braxton at quarterback in the red zone come Saturday.

"Tickets to Ohio State University's tilt next year with the University of Michigan are likely to be priced at $195 - the highest-ever face value for regular seating"

- Evan Weese, Columbus Business Journal

Ohio State's ticket sales model involves factoring in the anticipation level for a game. This model was first introduced back in 2013, and was. Understandably so, the prices for Ohio State vs. Michigan next season will be priced through the roof at $195, which is the highest ever for regular seating, per the Columbus Business Journal.

On top of this, the university is looking to make the variable pricing model permanent, as they recommended prices for the 2016 season. When a school makes as much money as Ohio State, this is definitely one way to see how it's done. Ohio Stadium is one of the highest capacity stadiums in the country, and with ticket prices that high, income follows when your team is winning.

"Ohio State student-athletes have a four-class average (2005-08) of 89 percent in the Graduation Success Rate (GSR) and, in the 2008-09 cohort, have a Federal Graduation Rate (FGR) of 75 percent."

NCAA Release,

Ohio State Buckeyes are not only succeeding in athletics, but in academics as well. Ohio State student athletes posted an 89 percent graduation success rate, and 75 percent in the federal graduation rate. Per the release, the federal rate for OSU student-athletes (75 percent) was well above the D1 average of 67 percent and two percent higher than the general student body at Division I institutions.

The report also says that of the Ohio State programs, the men's tennis and women's fencing programs have a 100 percent FGR, with women's ice hockey, women's lacrosse and women's track/cross country above 90 percent. The Ohio State football program has a GSR of 81 percent, ahead of the 78 posted the last two years and the 74 percent from three years ago. It is also above the 75 percent for FBS programs nationally. So you could say Urban Meyer knows how to pick them out academically.

The College Football Playoff announced Wednesday afternoon three sites in 2018, 2019, and 2020 to host the College Football Playoff National Championship game. In 2018, Atlanta will be the host site in their new stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Dome. For 2019, Santa Clara will host in their recently built stadium, Levi's Stadium, which is home to the San Francisco 49ers. Finally, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans will host the 2020 title game.

Why is this news? Because the Buckeyes are a handful of programs in the nation who expect to be in the mix for a title on a year-in and year-out basis. They're certainly in the mix this year, coming off of the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship last year, and coming in ranked No. 3 in the first CFB Playoff Top 25 of 2015.