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The Vonn Bell Academy has classes even on Saturday Night

The Buckeyes' stud safety is up to his old tricks.

We all know how we got here.

Cardale Jones was the guy. He had his moments. He also had some lowlights. J.T. Barrett got off to a slugish start. Then he found himself. And then the old Ohio State offense was back again.

And then last weekend happened.

While nobody could possibly condone Barrett not facing the consequences for his actions, there was plenty of worry and trepidations going into the week about what the offense might look like under the new old guy.

Would the offense take a step back? Would Cardale struggle to maintain his rhythm again?

So far, most of Ohio State fans' worst fears -- at least in terms of Cardale reestablishing his confidence and/or any sense of rhythm -- have been realized.

Enter Vonn Bell.

The Buckeyes safety might just be all the "offense" Ohio State needs all night.