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Terrelle Pryor to sign back with the Cleveland Browns, per report

After Monday night's performance, the Browns figured they'd give Pryor a second chance.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor will reportedly re-join the Cleveland Browns -- the team that cut him back in September. The 2015 season has been a whirlwind for Terrelle Pryor who switched teams and positions in the offseason, and was then cut by the Browns after making the final 53-man roster:

In the Spring, he bounced from team-to-team and following his release by the Bengals, decided to switch from quarterback to wide receiver in order to increase his chances of signing with another team. It worked in the short term, because he was quickly picked up off waivers by the Browns. He's already several years removed from college and has yet to create a niche for himself in the league.

His first game experience as a wideout came in the preseason, where expectations were high for the former playcaller but he answered any questions with his performance on the field. His seemingly smooth transition to his new position made the Browns' decision to waive him just a week after announcing he made the final roster, a head-scratcher. Pryor made note that the move was made to open a roster spot for RB Robert Turbin, but other rumors include bad blood in the locker room when the team released wideout Josh Lenz.