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Cardale Jones got a sad lion king tattoo

Oh. Well that's one thing a person could do.

Let me begin by entering into the record that I am not an expert on body art.

But I am a Cardale Jones fan/enthusiast.

Funny, good kid (based on what we know about him, at least). Level head. Pretty good quarterback in a vacuum, too!

Despite a trying year in which his offensive playcalling did him no favors and he struggled to ever really reclaim the form he demonstrated during a historic run to the first ever College Football Playoff championship, Cardale's decided to treat himself.

He's got one more college football game to go before he (in all likelihood) begins a professional journey at Ohio State's pro day and eventually the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

But before he gets down to business, he decided to indulge his whims and and splurge on a little ink. Enter a ... melancholy lion tattoo?

In fairness, it might just be a birthmark or scar making the lion look like it's crying. Obvious Ohio State-history-with-tattooes low hanging fruit aside, but this strikes me as, well, kind of an odd choice.

Lions are cool and fine. Royalty is ... more of a mixed bag, let's just say. But hey, I could imagine a world where one would be inclined to get a tattoo of a ruling class lion. Does it necessarily have to be so pensive, though?

All's well that ends well, though. If Cardale wants to spend his money on a woebegone lion, I say do it.

Beats getting a tattoo of this, at least: