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Tom Brady lost a bet and had to wear an Ohio State shirt

The Game 2015 is the gift that keeps on giving.

Pretty much every Ohio State fan still isn't over The Game.

The Buckeyes opened the week as slight underdogs before the lines ultimately closed roughly around their favor or a pick 'em. Still, given the unevenness the 2015 Buckeyes had played with for the majority of the season (and coming off a tough to stomach gut-punch streak ending loss to Michigan State the week prior), beating Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines was no sure thing.

And then The Game happened.

Ohio State blew the doors off the Wolverines in the second half, exposing the class gulf between the two sides and giving the Buckeyes their 10th win in 11 tries.

One of the best side effects?

Former OSU special teams standout (and rugby player) Nate Ebner won a bet with famed Michigan Man, quarterback Tom Brady:

Though there's no photos yet (an individual who covers the Patriots told Land-Grant Holy Land press isn't permitted to take photos unless the individual is at their locker), you can use your imagination and certainly picture how great it must be.

Ebner mostly took the high road when asked about it by the gathered New England media: