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Ohio State's OC blocked a field goal with his head like a champ

The most original way to prevent Ohio State from scoring this season.

Ohio State's 2015-16 bowl game is so close they can taste it. Or maybe that's just the In-N-Out?

Either way, with Friday's 2016 BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl nearing, Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes wrapped their final practice of the 2015-16 season Wednesday afternoon.

During a special teams drill, Buckeye offensive coordinator and line coach took the liberty of standing right where the action was.

Whether there was a miscommunication or what, perhaps we'll never know. But Warinner's instruction culminated with his life flashing before his eyes as sophomore kicker Sean Nuernberger let 'er rip -- while Warinner was still back behind the line of scrimmage:

The kicker was immediately contrite but had to give credit where credit's due:

Warinner evidently even took it like a champ and was okay. And if there's one silver lining to come from Warinner's head's sacrifice, Urban Meyer coached teams practically never lose after they've blocked a kick.