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Tom Herman just shocked Florida State with a trick play from his Ohio State days

Texas Tom knows the score.

Houston's Tom Herman is no stranger to trick plays.

Though they weren't exactly a week-to-week staple, while the offensive coordinator at Ohio State, Tom Herman routinely saved a few tricks in the bag for when they needed them most.

Perhaps most famously, against Alabama, Herman laid it all out there by calling a wide receiver end around that included an option to pass. Then Buckeyes wide receiver Evan Spencer elected to do the latter, threw a great ball to fellow wide out Michael Thomas, and the rest was history.

In easily the biggest game of his young head coaching career, Herman went to a similar well.

Though not exactly the same play, Herman called another wide receiver pass -- and the result was all the same.

Compare and contrast it to Spencer's throw-and-catch with Thomas a season prior:

OSU fans undoubtedly miss Tom Herman's playcalling. I imagine they miss his creativity, too.