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Chris Ash to coach Ohio State's bowl game, per report

It appears Rutgers' new coach will be with the Bucks in double duty a little while longer.

Per the great Bill "Bank" Greene, Ohio State will get to keep Chris Ash a little bit longer than some fans may have expected.

According to a report from Greene Sunday morning, Ash will stick with the Buckeyes through their New Year's 6 bowl game. Though Ohio State's body of work was neck and neck with conference rival Iowa, the debate over which is the higher ranked team (thus determining the participant in the Rose Bowl) went right down to the wire.

If you're a Rutgers fan, you probably don't love the idea that your coach will be spitting his focus for one of the last months in the home stretch of recruiting season. That said, wearing two hats as it were worked out okay for Buckeyes offensive coordinator Tom Herman a year ago as he transitioned into becoming Houston's head coach during OSU's College Football Playoff run.

Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, the next head coach at the University of Georgia, is also expected to stick with the Tide through their postseason.