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College football rankings: Ohio State ranked No. 5 in Coaches Poll, 7 in the final regular season AP Top 25

The Buckeyes move up in one major poll but drop in the other.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State had the week off as Michigan State and Iowa battled for the Big Ten Championship, where the Spartans came out on top after a hard fought game that felt like a bowl game.

Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Michigan State appeared at the top of the AP Top 25 as you would expect, after the Tigers, Crimson Tide, and Spartans won their respective conference championships Saturday. Iowa, who lost that classic title bout against Sparty, finishes one spot higher in the AP than the Buckeyes in what could be a preview of the final College Football Playoff rankings.

The Coaches Poll Top 25 told a different story with Oklahoma over Michigan State and Ohio State considerably above Iowa. Stanford was also ranked higher than the Hawkeyes.

North Carolina dropped in both polls as a result of their loss against Clemson, but not without some controversy, as the Tar Heels were called for offsides on an onside kick that they recovered, when it appeared that they were in fact onside.

The Northwestern Wildcats appeared ahead of Michigan this week, coming in at No. 12 and No. 17 respectively in both.

Here's your complete AP and Coaches Poll Top 25s:

Ranking AP Top 25 Coaches Poll
1 Clemson (51) Clemson (55)
2 Alabama (9) Alabama (5)
3 Michigan State (1) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma Michigan State
5 Stanford Ohio State
6 Iowa Stanford
7 Ohio State Iowa
8 Notre Dame Florida State
9 Florida State Notre Dame
10 North Carolina TCU
11 TCU North Carolina
12 Northwestern Northwestern
13 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
14 Houston Oregon
15 Oregon Mississippi
16 Mississippi Houston
17 Michigan Michigan
18 Baylor Florida
19 Florida Baylor
20 Utah Utah
21 Navy LSU
22 LSU Navy
23 Wisconsin Wisconsin
24 Temple Temple
25 Western Kentucky Georgia