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Jared Sullinger ties career-high for rebounds, D'Angelo Russell gets his first double-double.

Another week of the NBA season is in the books. Let's see how former Bucks performed.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Conley, PG, Memphis Grizzlies

Last week, Conley took a hit in plenty of stat columns. But the truth is, that was simply because of the output he delivered two weeks ago was pretty impressive. But what he did this week, you can not defend. Conley did have three meetings (out of four) this week in which he piled up double figure scoring numbers but he did show with a not so ideal FG%. His first three performances which were decent at best this week, earned him only 22 minutes in the final outing of the week and Conley promptly played his worst game of the season. It was a zero point, 0-7 shooting display, as well as zero rebounds and a -22 on the court. He finished with a 9.5 PPG average and that was also a season worst -- in fact, was the only week in which he didn't average 10 or more points. It's not like he got it done with his assisting either, as he averaged about 4.8 per night which would be his second lowest of any week thus far this year.

Team Record: 12-10

Upcoming Games: Tonight @ Detroit Pistons, 12/11 vs Charlotte Hornets, 12/13 @ Miami Heat, 12/14 vs Washington Wizards.

Kosta Koufos, C, Sacramento Kings

Everything that occurred this week for Koufos can simply be traced back to one thing and that is minutes. In the games where he didn't receive over 20 minutes of action, he didn't put up very exciting box scores. But when he did get a game in which he played lofty minutes, he performed. Koufos, despite averaging just over 20 ticks per night, finished the week with 8.5 points and a little over seven rebounds per night. He also did get another double-double.

Best Performance: On Saturday night, the Kings traveled to Texas and squared off against the Houston Rockets. It was the game in which Koufos received a nice chunk of minutes with 31 and he was effect in that time. It was an 11 point, 12 rebound, double-double effort from Koufos that earned this weeks best performance for the 7-footer. Just for good measure, a 55.6 percent shooting night as well as two blocks is also something to be happy with.

Team Record: 8-15

Upcoming Games: 12/10 vs Denver Nuggets, 12/15 vs Houston Rockets.

D'Angelo Russell, SG, Los Angeles Lakers

After a week that included a bit of regression yet was still a respectable one for the rookie, Russell showed some more signs that should keep Laker Nation optimistic. After receiving a boat load of minutes last week, it wasn't exactly the same story this time around with just an average of 26.5 minutes per game in the four game road stretch. But despite the minutes decrease, Russell still played aggressively on the offensive end as he attempted close to 13 shots per night and even tied his single game high of attempts with 16. It didn't exactly translate into the most efficient week, but Russell did get enough done as he averaged 12.5 points per night. Russell also was able to reach season highs from three-point range and on the glass as well as pick up his first career double-double, which will be referenced now.

Best Performance: Admittedly, it wasn't a perfect game for Russell on Friday night against the Atlanta Hawks as he had some blemishes on the stat line. But it's hard to take away from an effort that included a double-double. That's right, Russell received a double-double and it came the unexpected way. Russell pulled down 10 rebounds -- five on each end of the floor -- and added 16 points and four assists to go along with it. Of those 16 points, Russell had 12 of them from three-point range in which he shot 57.1% (4-7). Had it not been for the 37.5 FG%, seven turnovers, and -21 +/- rating, Russell probably would have given us his best game in the NBA.

Team Record: 3-18

Upcoming Games: Tonight @ Minnesota Timberwolves, 12/11 @ San Antonio Spurs, 12/12 @ Houston Rockets, 12/15 vs Milwaukee Bucks.

Jared Sullinger, PF, Boston Celtics

It was a bit of a wacky week for Celtics big man Jared Sullinger. It was a weak in which he would take a step back in every statistical category outside of free throw shooting, assists, and his +/- rating. Sullinger would tie his season low and set his season high in minutes on the year and that's just the beginning of the weirdness. He would also go on to tie his single game season lows in made field goals, offensive rebounds, total rebounds, and committed a season high five turnovers in one contest. However, the majority of those struggles came earlier in the week. Sullinger ended with a bang in his most recent game in which he recorded yet another double-double, his sixth of the season and he did it in a big way, which will go down as his best performance undoubtedly. While his week didn't go as well as he and Boston could have hoped, averaging seven points --despite a very poor FG%-- and a bit over 10 boards a game isn't terrible.

Best Performance: Sullinger dominated the inside Monday night and the effort easily places itself as the best one of the week. Against Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans, Sully managed to drop 11 points while securing 20(!) rebounds in the 34 minutes of action he received. On the offensive glass, he gave Boston four second chance opportunities but it was the defensive glass that he really controlled. Sullinger pulled down 16 defensive rebounds which is good for his career high in the NBA. Who cares that he shot poorly or that he had five turnovers? He had 20 boards and the Celtics were a ridiculous +32 with him on the court.

Team Record: 12-9

Upcoming Games: Tonight vs Chicago Bulls, 12/11 vs Golden State Warriors, 12/12 @ Charlotte Hornets, 12/15 vs Cleveland Cavaliers.

Evan Turner, SF, Boston Celtics

Last week was a week that include plenty of negatives for Evan Turner. But this week, he did some good things on the hardwood. First things first, Turner boosted his scoring average after putting up about 10 points per night in the three games this week. Also, while still very good, Turner saw a slight bump in efficiency over last week's abysmal shooting display. Possibly the main thing to be excited about is the fact that he finally made a long range shot. After missing 18 in a row, Turner was able to finally end the drought on the first game of the week. It's the little things sometimes.

Best Performance: In a loss to Gregg Popovich's San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night, Turner did his part on the offensive end. The Chicago natives aggressiveness with the ball in his hands led him to a 16 point performance in 30 minutes of play. Surely enough, this was the game in which Turner ended the three-point drought as he drilled one from the right corner on his second attempt of the night.  The 6'7, 220-pounder also added four rebounds, one assist, and two steals in the meeting.

Team Record: 12-9

Upcoming Games: Tonight vs Chicago Bulls, 12/11 vs Golden State Warriors, 12/12 @ Charlotte Hornets, 12/15 vs Cleveland Cavaliers.