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Ohio State recruiting recap podcast with SB Nation's Bud Elliott

The dust has finally settled on Ohio State's recruiting class, so we look at the big storylines, and the future, with Bud Elliott.

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National Signing Day has finally come and gone, but not without controversy for Ohio State. Coaching changes and the cloud hanging over Mike Weber turned into a full scale breakout of #hot #takes over what recruits should consider when they sign with a school, whether they should sign with a school at all, and a school's obligation to reveal information. The fact that it was Ohio State and Michigan made things even bigger.

That's to say nothing of Ohio State's major coaching change, their recruiting trajectory for 2016, and oh yeah, their actual players.

To help us make sense of everything, we brought in SB Nation Recruiting's Bud Elliott, who follows the process (particularly recruits in the state of Florida) closer than almost anybody else. Bud, Matt and Luke discuss the merits of an early signing day, the specifics of the Weber situation, whether recruits should sign LOI at all, scouting reports on Torrance Gibson and other Ohio State prospects, and the strengths of the 2016 class.

Bud may be a five star recruiting writer, but he was working on a two star, MAC level phone, so fast forward to the five minute mark if you'd like.

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