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Podcast: Everything you need to know about Ohio State wrestling

Ohio State is going to compete for multiple championships in a few weeks, so we chatted with our wrestling expert to help a novice like Matt understand enough to follow along

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Hey, remember that time Ohio State's football team won a national championship? That capped off a pretty okay fall, huh? While anything is still possible, it doesn't look like Ohio State's basketball team is going to be competing for a national championship this March. But that doesn't mean the Buckeyes don't have a sport that will be competing for serious hardware in the spring. In fact, they'll be competing for multiple national championships. I'm talking Ohio State wrestling, and it's time to get excited.

I don't know much about wrestling, but fortunately, our own Dan Vest does. We had him on our newest edition of Hang Out in the Holy Land, to tell us everything a bandwagon fan needs to know to understand and start rooting for Ohio State wrestling, as they close our their season and head into the Big Ten championships (which are in Columbus!), and the national championships. Specifically, we talk about why Ohio State and the Big Ten are so good at the sport, who Ohio State's best chances are for national titles, their main competition, and what the big storylines are over the next few weeks. If you're a novice, but want to support Buckeyes holding huge trophies, this is the podcast for you.

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Thanks for listening, and Go Bucks.