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Why is this news?: Devin Smith doesn't think Jim Harbaugh will beat Ohio State

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Devin Smith doesn't think Jim Harbaugh has what it takes to beat Ohio State
Devin Smith doesn't think Jim Harbaugh has what it takes to beat Ohio State
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

"He's (Harbaugh) going to try to beat Ohio State, which to me personally, I really don't think will happen and that's not me talking trash, that's just me being honest."

Devin Smith, former Ohio State wide receiver

While Jim Harbaugh may have exited the NFL recently to become the head coach at Michigan, he took some shots from former Ohio State wide receiver Devin Smith at the NFL Combine. Smith stated he doesn't see Harbaugh being able to top Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes. Smith had considerable success against the Wolverines while playing for the Buckeyes, winning three of his four contests against Michigan, and he sees that trend continuing in the future.

Smith wasn't the only former wide receiver from a rival school who had some harsh words for Michigan. Michigan State's Keith Mumphery had similar success as Smith, winning three of four meetings with Michigan, and went so far as to call the Wolverines "arrogant". One difference between Smith's comments and Mumphrey's is the former Spartan wideout does think Harbaugh will be able to channel some of the past success Michigan has enjoyed, and bring the Wolverines back to respectability in the Big Ten.

"There is no absolute temperature, snowfall amount or other specific hazard that triggers a closure. Each situation is considered holistically -- analyzing the entire picture rather than each individual component."

Dan Hedman, The Ohio State University Administration and Planning spokesman

While many schools around the Columbus area were announcing school closing last night in preparation for today's bitter cold, Ohio State squashed any hopes students had of having classes cancelled with their master troll tweet telling students to bundle up when walking to and from classes. Students didn't take the news about having to brave the frigid temperatures too well.

Which begs the question, what does it take for classes at Ohio State to be cancelled due to winter weather? The answer is there really isn't any set criteria on what it takes. There are a number of factors that are looked at by a number of groups on campus when the school decides whether or not to cancel classes. More often that not the school decides to stay open, with classes having only been canceled on 11 occasions since 1978. Last year proved to be an outlier with classes being canceled on three days due to brutally cold temperatures, much like many students faced today. But with Ohio State's cold weather history, if you are thinking there is a chance the school might cancel classes, just forget about it and layer up.

"Reggie Jackson earned the nickname Mr. October for his heroics in Major League Baseball's postseason, and after Elliott sparked Ohio State's magical run to the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship presented by AT&T, maybe he should be called Mr. January."

Jeremy Crabtree, ESPN's RecruitingNation

RecrutingNation has recently compiled the "Ultimate ESPN 300", which is a ranking of the best prospects since they began evaluating high school athletes in 2006. Ohio State's sophomore running back tops the list of those who excelled the most when it all was on the line in championship games. Elliott's heroics in the first College Football Playoff were enough to have him taking the crown over other clutch college stars like Tim Tebow, A.J. McCarron, and Cam Newton.

When Elliott first came to Ohio State he may have been overlooked a little, but Urban Meyer knew at the time he was getting a star running back. On the overall "Ultimate ESPN 300", Elliott checked in at 286, but he played well beyond his ranking when Ohio State needed him most. Not only did Elliott take the reigns in the Big Ten Championship against Wisconsin after quarterback J.T. Barrett was lost for the season against Michigan, but he got even stronger as the calendar turned to 2015. Against Alabama, Elliott rushed for 230 yards, capped by a back-breaking 85-yard touchdown run, and he followed that up with 246 yards and four touchdowns in the championship game against Oregon. The scary thing is Elliott could add to his legacy this year, as Ohio State is poised for another championship run.

"She's an incredibly humble kid, a hard worker. Part of her joy for the sport comes from her relationships with her teammates. She might be her best at practice."

Bill Dorenkott, Ohio State women's swimming coach

If Ashley Vance is at her best in practice it must be a sight to see because she has been quite successful for the Ohio State women's swimming program in competitions. At last year's Big Ten Championships, Vance won the 200-yard individual medley, and will be looking to defend her title this weekend, as Ohio State hosts the Big Ten Championships for the first time since 2008. It hasn't been an easy road for Vance to reach the success she is currently enjoying with the Buckeyes, though.

In 2012 Vance posted a time that was good enough to earn her an invite to the U.S. Olympic trials, but an injury that occurred while serving during a friendly game of beach volleyball kept her from competing in the trials. In March 2013, Vance had surgery to repair a torn labrum, which put her on a long road to recovery. The injury put her out of action for so long that it left her excited to get back into the pool. The senior will be in the pool this weekend for four races, and will hope to add to her achievements with her career nearing completion. After her season with the Buckeyes is over, Vance will return from swimming, and has applied to be an English teacher with the Peace Corps.