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Urban Meyer and the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer were stuck at sea

As the annual fundraiser came to a close, dense fog in the Gulf of Mexico kept the Buckeyes out a sea for just a little longer.

Update: Looks like all's well that ends well:


If you're going to get stuck at sea, being among Buckeye fans and former players makes it a little easier to deal with.

Urban and Shelley Meyer, along with Buckeye alumni and fans set sail on Feb. 19 on the annual Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, destination Cozumel. This annual fundraiser has become a favorite among Buckeye fans, but the unseasonable weather threw a wrench in this years events. The ship was scheduled to return on Monday, but due to dense fog in the Gulf of Mexico, it can't get back to the Tampa Bay port.

In addition to Coach Meyer, the list of former players on board include Bobby Carpenter, Kurt Coleman, A.J. Hawk, Kirk Herbstreit and Ryan Shazier.

While being stuck at sea is not usually something people hope for, they are stuck on a boat with Buckeye legends and get at least one more day away from the frigid temperatures barreling across the Midwest and East Coast. It's a little hard to feel bad just yet for their misfortune.

Via former Buckeye Dustin Fox, here's a look at the fog hampering the cruise's return:

Fog update. Still can't see. Had to cancel another flight. #stuckatsea

A photo posted by Dustin Fox (@dustinfox37) on