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The future of Ohio State basketball: Matt Brown talks OSU hoops w/ Campus Insiders

Ohio State may have underachieved a little this season, but what about next year?

Ohio State managed to clobber Nebraska Thursday night, putting an end to their losing streak and making their path through the Big Ten tournament potentially a little bit easier. However, it's fair to say that without some significant improvements, this team isn't likely to make a very deep run through the NCAA tournament. But what about next season?

A little while ago, we published an article detailing what we thought the depth chart may look like next season. Matt Brown discusses that depth chart, and who the Buckeyes are bringing in next season, with Campus Insiders, in this new video.

Ohio State will have a challenging non-conference schedule, and the Big Ten is never a walk in the park, but this team will be getting reinforcements in the frontcourt to replace the departing Anthony Lee, Trey McDonald and Amir Williams, and will have a bevy of interesting options at guard, even if D'Angelo Russell leaves for the NBA Draft.

You can also view the video here.