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National Signing Day 2015: News, TV schedule and more for Ohio State

A handful of prospects are making decisions today and Ohio State is in the top two of each one. Find out when each is announcing and our picks on who will land them.

Ohio State prospect Torrance Gibson
Ohio State prospect Torrance Gibson
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Good morning folks and happy National Signing Day. Today is almost like a Christmas part-II for some people as many will take off work, school, etc.. and be glued to their televisions and computers. The process of signing day starts early and once it does, it's time to buckle up and watch the madness unfold.

First off, don't be that crazy fan that goes bashing 18-year-olds if they don't pick your school. Each player is making one of the biggest decisions of their lives. They've thought it through and are picking what's best for them.

For the most part, each athlete will hold letter of intents from each school they've been recruited by. Once the final decision is made, they will sign their name with the respective school they selected. After that, the athlete and their families will fax their NLOI in and from that point on, they are officially a college football player.

For Ohio State fans, today should be filled with entertainment as there is still much doubt among many of the prospects Urban Meyer is chasing.

Last year, Buckeye Nation had a somewhat mellow signing day. Most knew what to expect and when to expect it. This time around it's much different.

The key names to keep an eye on today are Torrance Gibson, Mike Weber, Isaiah Prince, and KJ Hill. All four could end up being Buckeyes, but it wouldn't be shocking to see all go elsewhere too.


Torrance Gibson (6'4/204) QB - American Heritage H.S., FL - Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium - 8 a.m. EST

Mike Weber (5'10/219) RB - Cass Tech H.S., MI - Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium - 10 a.m. - Noon ET

Isaiah Prince (6'6/272) OT - Eleanor Roosevelt H.S., MD - Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium - 9:30 a.m. EST

KJ Hill (6'0/188) WR - North Little Rock H.S., AR - Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium - 10 a.m. EST

How to watch

ESPNU - ESPNU will begin their Signing Day coverage at 8 a.m. eastern time and will run through 7 p.m. eastern time.  The program "ESPNU National Signing Day Special" will feature multiple announcements from some of the top remaining prospects in the country and break downs of which conference and which teams had the most success. Typically, ESPNU is the go-to station for this event and it doesn't seem like it'll be different this year.

Big Ten Network - BTN will be airing a program called "BTN: Signing Day Special." It will air at 3:30 p.m. eastern time and will have updates on every Big Ten team and how they fared on National Signing Day. You won't find as much national coverage on this one, as you might expect, but rather a solid breakdown of the Big Ten Conference.

CBS Sports Network - CBSSN will launch their coverage beginning at 11 a.m. ET and it will run for four hours. Like ESPNU, CBS Sports Network will offer live announcements and breakdowns of each recruiting class on a national scale.


Torrance Gibson - Gibson committed to the Buckeyes in early November and has played a verbally active role in getting the Ohio State brand out. Auburn made a huge push late as well as LSU. While it's still a fight to keep him out of the south, Urban Meyer should be able to do it. Pick:

Mike Weber - A one-time Michigan commit, Weber pledged to the Buckeyes after it was known Brady Hoke was going to be canned. However, the hiring of Jim Harbaugh has the full attention to Weber as he may feel the pressure to pick the home-state team. He's been to Columbus a handful of times since his commitment. What relationships will win out? Pick: Too close to call

Isaiah Prince - Prince has had a roller coaster ride over the last couple of weeks. Some had him as a lock to Alabama just last week, but then he visited Ohio State and they jumped to the top of the list. His last visit though was to the hometown team, Maryland, and it looks to be a battle between the Terrapins and Buckeyes. Pick: 

KJ Hill - Hill, like Prince, has had a full recruiting experience the last month as well. HIll recently visited Columbus and reportedly had an excellent time where he hit it off with the coaching staff. Ohio State looked to be the clear-cut favorite until Alabama, just days ago, made one last push. The distance factor could come into play here and the Crimson Tide are trying to make Hill understand. Pick: