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National Signing Day 2015: Ohio State live updates

All National Signing Day 2015 everything. Get the latest on Ohio State football's latest and greatest recruiting class.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Go Bucks.

russell.c [10:57 AM]:

I love you all. Merry Christmas and happy Hannukah to all.

James Mee [10:57 AM]:

And now I can got to class in peace.

russell.c [10:56 AM]:

There we go!

Ian Cuevas [10:56 AM]:

As reported earlier, Mike Weber will sign with Ohio State.

OSUmets [10:56 AM]:


russell.c [10:55 AM]:

they need to upgrade their potato

James Mee [10:54 AM]:

@russell.c Seems like he’s probably bluffing to me, but hard to say.

russell.c [10:49 AM]:

Mike Weber is “Still making up his mind”

russell.c [10:48 AM]:

I’ll miss you Big Beck! I’ll always remember and cherish what we could have had.

James Mee [10:47 AM]:

@russell.c Seems like he’s late.

Ian Cuevas [10:47 AM]:

Terry Beckner has signed with Missouri.

russell.c [10:46 AM]:

so is Weber not announcing on that stream now? I am so confused

Ian Cuevas [10:44 AM]:

@russell.c Joshua Alabi

russell.c [10:43 AM]:

not sure who, this stream is confusing

russell.c [10:43 AM]:

someone in that stream already signed with OSU

James Mee [10:42 AM]:

@russell.c Doesn’t look like it

russell.c [10:33 AM]:

Has Weber officially announced on the stream?

Ostate84 [10:32 AM]:

Well we kept our commits with Weber and Gibson, and added a few juicy pieces. Good day for me already!

parkerjposu [10:27 AM]:

I think with Alabi staying a Buckeye, Weber will keep with the Bucks as well

Ian Cuevas [10:26 AM]:


Mike Weber signs with Ohio State over Michigan

The four-star running back will sign his letter of intent with Ohio State.

Ian Cuevas [10:12 AM]:

@CTBuckeye No worries! We’ll keep you updated as it happens.

Ostate84 [10:10 AM]:

I’m not watching, I watched yesterday and he went to USC, so off the feed I stay. But anticipating the best

Ian Cuevas [10:04 AM]:

We’ve got the stream on our site ready for your viewing. We’ll also continue to provide updates.

russell.c [10:04 AM]:

IDK who Ryan Ermanni is(I guess some fox2 news guy in Detroit) but supposedly he knows the Weber family and says he is going to OSU

Ian Cuevas [10:04 AM]:


Watch Mike Weber commit to Ohio State or Michigan live

See if one of the top running backs in the 2015 class sticks with the Buckeyes or stays home to go to Michigan.

Ian Cuevas [10:03 AM]:

@russell.c Not really an indication of anything in my eyes. It’s typical that the times change on NSD. Very hectic, times are always subject to change.

russell.c [10:02 AM]:

Is that good or bad news

Ian Cuevas [10:00 AM]:

Looks like Weber is pushing back his announcement to 10:30 a.m.

Ian Cuevas [9:54 AM]:

Mike Weber remains. He should be announcing very soon and we’ll have the latest updates for you on that and beyond.

russell.c [9:50 AM]:


Ian Cuevas [9:50 AM]:

There’s Mark Pantoni confirming what we knew: Torrance Gibson is a Buckeye!

Ian Cuevas [9:49 AM]:

russell.c [9:49 AM]:

Does that bring us up to 27 recruits? And are we 100% sure Gibson signed his NLOI with us since it isn’t on Mark Pantoni’s feed?

Ian Cuevas [9:45 AM]:

BOOM! Ohio State gets a national signing day bonus as Isaiah Prince officially commits and becomes a Buckeye!

Ian Cuevas [9:44 AM]:


Isaiah Prince signs with Ohio State over Maryland

BOOOOOM! The Buckeyes add another top prospect to the Elite ’15.

James Mee [9:43 AM]:

Looks like Prince is in

Ian Cuevas [9:40 AM]:

Carlton Davis (who recently decommitted from Ohio State) has officially signed with Auburn. Wish him the best of luck.

russell.c [9:40 AM]:

Has scUM hit double digit recruits yet?

Ian Cuevas [9:38 AM]:

@Dan Uggla’s Forearm Beckner is supposed to announce around 9:45. Down to Florida State or Missouri.

Ian Cuevas [9:37 AM]:

@James Mee It was, but I still think this year has been lightning quick.

James Mee [9:36 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas Last year was quick too if I remember correctly.

Ian Cuevas [9:35 AM]:

@James Mee It’s been a much faster process than in previous years, that’s for sure!

Dan Uggla's Forearm [9:34 AM]:

When is Beckner supposed to announce?

James Mee [9:33 AM]:

@Ian Cuevas I do like that we are set up to be done by 10 am.

Ian Cuevas [9:30 AM]:

@James Mee Just Weber and Prince at this point.

Ian Cuevas [9:30 AM]:

Brandon Bowen is IN for Ohio State. Officially a Buckeye!

Ian Cuevas [9:29 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Branden Bowen signs with Ohio State

Offensive tackle Branden Bowen is the latest to sign his letter of intent to the Buckeye coaching staff.

James Mee [9:28 AM]:

@russell.c Yeah, but I don’t think Pantoni announced the letter. I’m confident he’s coming, though

russell.c [9:27 AM]:

gibson signed I believe

James Mee [9:25 AM]:

So just waiting on Bowen, Gibson, Weber and Prince, correct?

MidSouthMonster [9:25 AM]:

I really like the little bit of tape I’ve seen on Landers— very quick and good hands. A few yrs with our strength and conditioning program and I think he might be special.

Ian Cuevas [9:20 AM]:

BOOM! Robert Landers adds his name to the list of official Buckeyes!

Ian Cuevas [9:19 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Robert Landers signs with Ohio State

Robert Landers has signed his National Letter of Intent and is officially a member of the Ohio State football team.

Ian Cuevas [9:16 AM]:

@MidSouthMonster He is set to announce around 9:30, but we’ll have the update as soon as possible for you.

MidSouthMonster [9:11 AM]:

Do we know when Prince will announce?

Ian Cuevas [9:04 AM]:

@russell.c Things are really looking up for Weber right now. As for Prince, the Buckeyes are a popular pick.

russell.c [8:59 AM]:

I would be the happiest Buckeye ever if we could keep Weber and pull in Prince. (Also, dear recruiting gods, find it in your heart to send us Beckner Jr as well… a nut can dream).

Ian Cuevas [8:57 AM]:

Appears things are trending on the good side for Ohio State when it comes to Weber. Michigan signing RB Karan Higdon could play a huge role.

Ian Cuevas [8:49 AM]:

@CTBuckeye I’m feeling confident with Isaiah Prince signing with Ohio State. We’ll see.

Luke Zimmermann [8:47 AM]:


Matthew Burrell's National Signing Day fax cover sheet is the greatest


Ostate84 [8:45 AM]:

This is definitely like Christmas in February. I am really happy with the class so far. Maybe another surprise or two?

Ian Cuevas [8:42 AM]:

@russell.c It would be a tough loss, just because Weber is such a talented player. But Ohio State would still be fine. They’ve still got Elliott for (at least) one more year, Curtis Samuel is a soon-to-be star and Bri’onte Dunn is capable.

Ian Cuevas [8:39 AM]:

There it is! 5-star linebacker Justin Hilliard is officially a Buckeye!

Ian Cuevas [8:39 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Justin Hilliard signs with Ohio State

The Cincinnati, Ohio, native has signed and sent in his national letter of intent.

russell.c [8:39 AM]:

How big of a loss would this be for OSU? If we lose elliot to the draft next year is OSU just relying on Curtis Samuel after Elliot until we hopefully sign the top 2016 RB?

Ian Cuevas [8:38 AM]:

@russell.c We know Hilliard signed his LOI, but we haven’t received word on it being faxed in. It should show up soon enough. When it does, we’ll have the update for you.

Ian Cuevas [8:37 AM]:

@russell.c I was much more confident earlier this morning about Weber. Now I’m thinking it might be a 50-50 shot.

Ian Cuevas [8:37 AM]:

DaVon Hamilton is the next to send in his LOI and become an official Buckeye!

Ian Cuevas [8:36 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: DaVon Hamilton Signs with Ohio State

DaVon Hamilton has faxed in his LOI and is now a member of the Ohio State football team

russell.c [8:36 AM]:

What are the odds that we keep Weber… also did hilliard send his LOI in?

Ian Cuevas [8:27 AM]:

Back-to-back BOOMS! Matthew Burrell and Jerome Baker are officially Buckeyes!

Ian Cuevas [8:27 AM]:


Jerome Baker signs with Ohio State

The Cleveland Benedictine linebacker has signed his letter of intent with Ohio State.

Ian Cuevas [8:26 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Matthew Burrell signs with Ohio State

Burrell is the latest to sign his letter of intent with the Buckeyes.

Ian Cuevas [8:24 AM]:

Damon Arnette, just days after committing to Ohio State, makes it official with the Buckeyes!

Ian Cuevas [8:24 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Damon Arnette signs with Ohio State

The latest to officially sign with the Buckeyes is CB Damon Arnette.

Ian Cuevas [8:23 AM]:

Ohio State passes another test. Torrance Gibson is a Buckeye. Big-time news for the Buckeyes.

Ian Cuevas [8:22 AM]:


Torrance Gibson signs with Ohio State, spurning Miami, LSU

Despite plenty of controversy during his recruitment, Gibson has signed with Ohio State.

Ian Cuevas [8:12 AM]:

Really good signing for Ohio State. K.J. Hill should be a solid wide receiver for the Buckeyes.

NathanKlein88 [8:12 AM]:

K.J. HILL!!!!

Luke Zimmermann [8:11 AM]:


K.J. Hill signs with Ohio State over Arkansas

BOOOOM!!! The Buckeyes land one of the top play makers in the class of 2015.

Ian Cuevas [8:08 AM]:

@NathanKlein88 I believe so. I’ve had Missouri locked in as my prediction for Beckner for a while. I’d be mildly surprised to see him go anywhere else.

NathanKlein88 [8:07 AM]:

Is Mizzou a lock to get Terry Beckner Jr.?

Ian Cuevas [8:04 AM]:

Three consecutive letters of intent. Things heating up.

MidSouthMonster [8:04 AM]:

Getting Alabi in makes me feel better about Weber. We’ll have a great class either way, but I love the way Weber runs. C’mon, 10:00 a.m.!

Luke Zimmermann [8:03 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: A.J. Alexander signs with Ohio State

The latest player to fax his National Letter of Intent to the Buckeyes is Wide Receiver/Tight End A.J. Alexander.

Luke Zimmermann [8:02 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Dre'Mont Jones signs with Ohio State

The latest prospect to fax his letter of intent to Ohio State is St. Ignatius standout Dre’Mont Jones.

Luke Zimmermann [7:59 AM]:


National Signing Day 2015: Mirko Jurkovic signs with Ohio State

IMG Academy’s Mirko Jurkovic is officially a Buckeye as he has faxed in his NLOI.

Ian Cuevas [7:58 AM]:

Mike Weber is another potential hurdle. Lot of noise that he may not be signing with Buckeyes. For what it’s worth, I think he stays with OSU.

Luke Zimmermann [7:56 AM]:

Hilliard and Burrell are on deck

Luke Zimmermann [7:55 AM]:

Mike Weber announcement coming around 10 a.m. Wednesday

The official announcement from four-star running back Mike Weber (Detroit, Michigan) will be coming around 10 a.m. today, according to The Michigan Insider.
Weber is still committed to Ohio State, but many believe that Michigan is a strong candidate for him to flip to today. We’ll see what happens.

Ian Cuevas [7:53 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann That was definitely the first hurdle. Coming up to another one soon in Torrance Gibson as well.

Luke Zimmermann [7:52 AM]:

Keeping Josh Alabi is a nice way to start. Will it influence Mike Weber’s decision?

Ian Cuevas [7:50 AM]:

Big day is here! National Signing Day well underway for Ohio State.