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Love Ohio State? Land-Grant Holy Land wants you!

We're growing our team. Are you the right person for LGHL?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the craziness of National Signing Day is behind us, we have a chance to discuss something we've been talking about at the Land-Grant offices for a while. We need a few more people on our team. If you love Ohio State athletics, writing, social media, or are interested in possibly pursuing a career in the media, you may be a perfect fit for our team.

We have two glaring needs right now. Maybe this is all one person. Maybe it's three. Tell us why you're the person to fill either of these needs.

Social media expert

LGHL already has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. We're working to grow these even more, along with potentially other social media channels. We're looking for somebody to help us on these platforms. This person needs to have experience navigating these systems with a strong voice, the ability to find interesting/funny Ohio State related content, and the ability to post/share it quickly. We want more people to help us publish stuff like this or this.

Evening and/or weekend availability is also very important for this role. Not every evening or weekend obviously, but some.


Luke and I love running LGHL, and we're not going anywhere. But we also both have full-time day jobs at SB Nation, and handling that and doing all that we do for LGHL is tough. We really would like a third-in-command to help take some of the day-to-day operations of LGHL off our plates. This person would need to be a strong writer, understand social media well, be willing to help with things like copy editing, scheduling and hitting breaking news, and also have the schedule to accommodate the time commitment needed. Ideally, we'd like to take the offseason to help coach this person up, so by football season, they're ready to handle a significant management load, but how fast that happens depends on the candidate.

Both of these positions are part time, but they are paid, depending on the candidate's experience level. For folks looking to get college course credit, we're happy to sign for that paperwork as well.

These are the two major things we need, but if you're exceptional at something else, say, recruiting coverage, statistical analysis, or, say, a specific non-revenue sport, we'd still want to talk to you. If you're more of a football/basketball generalist, writing FanPosts is probably the best way to get noticed around here. A number of our staff have gotten their start there.

Previous experience in sports writing is strongly preferred, but absolutely not required. A passion for Ohio State, a sense of humor, an accommodating schedule, and a self-starter attitude are expectations though.

To apply, please send me a resume, a writing sample, and a brief blurb explaining what you want to do for LGHL and why to

Thanks, and Go Bucks.