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Bracketology 2015: Bubble watch and bursts w/ LGHL's projection

Why lets the suits at ESPN and CBS have all of the fun? Here's our best guess at how the tournament will shake out.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Luke, Brett, Ian and myself spent the better part of Sunday afternoon meticulously hewing to the S-curve, RPI, and every other metric we could think of as we tried to predict how the NCAA tournament bracket was going to look this year. Then, as soon as we finished, there were a bunch of upsets late on Sunday and it pretty blew our whole field up.

So naturally, we gave it another shot.

The following projection assumes that all Vegas favorites win their conference tournaments today, and that UConn doesn't steal a bid by beating SMU in The American tournament championship. Our last four teams in the tournament were Indiana, Texas, Boise State and BYU, with Tulsa, Ole Miss, UCLA and Miami FL all bound for the NIT. We have Ohio State has a 9 seed, slated to face -- ah dammit, not again -- Dayton.

What do you think?

Midwest Regional (Cleveland)

1. Kentucky

2. Kansas

3. Notre Dame

4. Louisville

5. Utah

6. Butler

7. VCU

8. NC State

9. Davidson

10. LSU

11. Purdue

12. Valparaiso

13. Harvard

14. Belmont

15. Albany

16. Hampton vs Robert Morris (play-in)

West Regional (Los Angeles)

1. Wisconsin

2. Arizona

3. Baylor

4. Oklahoma

5. SMU

6. Michigan State

7. Oregon

8. Dayton

9. Ohio State

10. Colorado State

11. Indiana vs Texas (play-in)

12. Buffalo

13. Eastern Washington

14. Northeastern

15. UAB

16. Costal Carolina

East Regional (Syracuse)

1. Villanova

2. Virginia

3. Maryland

4. Northern Iowa

5. Arkansas

6. West Virginia

7. San Diego State

8. Iowa

9. St. John's

10. Georgia

11. Temple

12. Wofford

13. Georgia State

14. UC Irvine

15. New Mexico State

16. Manhattan vs. North Florida (play-in)

South Regional (Houston)

1. Duke

2. Gonzaga

3. Iowa State

4. North Carolina

5. Wichita State

6. Georgetown

7. Providence

8. Xavier

9. Cincinnati

10. Oklahoma State

11. BYU vs Boise State (play-in)

12. Stephen F. Austin

13. Wyoming

14. North Dakota State

15. Texas Southern

16. Lafayette