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Why is this news?: Ohio State basketball finishes season unranked, Devin Smith a projected first rounder

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State’s 2014/2015 basketball season was good enough to (barely) earn a spot in the NCAA tournament, but it wasn’t nearly good enough to land the Buckeyes a spot in the final AP poll of the year. Ohio State, who saw its ranking rise into the teens early in the season finds itself 30th—five full spots out of the top 25. This is the first time since 2009 that Ohio State hasn’t finished the season ranked.

It’s not a surprise seeing as how the season went. The Buckeyes were up and down all year, racking up a few solid wins but also more than a few disappointing losses. Capping it off was a 1-1 performance in the Big Ten tournament that included an absolutely uninspiring loss against Michigan State. Now the team finds itself a 10-seed in the NCAA tournament and nothing that happened before really matters now. Now the season comes down to stringing together a few upsets and turning what has been a forgettable season into something worth remembering.

SBNation’s "Mocking the Draft" has released its latest projections for the 2015 NFL draft and the Ohio State Buckeyes have one former player slotted into the first round. The player in question is Devin Smith, one of the most reliable dee- threats in the history of the program. The article sings Smith’s praises stating:

If there is a run on wide receivers that takes Strong off the board, Baltimore could target a player like Smith. He was used mostly as a vertical threat at Ohio State but showed during Senior Bowl practices that he’s capable of much more.

So far highly touted defensive lineman Michael Bennett hasn’t been able to crack the first round projections, but with almost a month and a half left until draft day, there is still plenty of time.

Another former Buckeye has a new team as safety Kurt Coleman has signed with the Carolina Panthers. Coleman played for the Buckeyes from 2006 to 2009 and earned first-team All-American honors in 2009 behind the strength of his 68 tackles, five interceptions, and three forced fumbles. Coleman won’t be the only Buckeye in Carolina as former standout wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. signed with the team last week.

Bashing the absurdity that is the NCAA has become a favorite pastime of many on the internet (and TV too). This weekend John Oliver took his crack. His arguments aren’t necessarily anything new, but he does present them in a pretty entertaining manner. Also, you do learn about a few new things…like Dabo Swinney being an edamame fart…Enjoy!