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NCAA Tournament 2015: Bracket, TV schedule and live streaming for Thursday's action

Ohio State takes on the VCU Rams at 4:40 p.m. ET. Make sure you don't miss it -- or any of the rest of the outstanding NCAA Tournament March Madness.

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SB Nation 2015 March Madness Bracket

The First Four have come and gone, leaving Manhattan, BYU, North Florida, and Boise State as the first four out, while Hampton, Ole Miss, Robert Morris, and Dayton all advance to the Round of 64. Today and tomorrow, half of those 64 teams will be eliminated, while the other half will move one step closer to glory. The Ohio State men's basketball team is looking to follow in the football team's footsteps and conquer a tournament that most people don't expect them to be able to win.

There are sixteen games to be played today, so if you were looking to something to do for about twelve straight hours, you're in luck. Today's games will be spread evenly across the four channels, CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV. For fans in central Ohio, those channels on Time Warner Columbus/Delaware are 10/1010 (CBS), 17/1202 (TBS), 30/1203 (TNT), and 74/1220 (truTV). You can also watch on your computer, smartphone, or tablet via March Madness Live, though there are a few catches. Anybody can watch games broadcast on CBS for free. To watch a game on TBS, TNT, or truTV, you'll need to log in with your cable provider information. Without it, you can only watch a short preview.

All hope is not lost, though. If you don't have cable, but you want to watch all the games, you can also check out Sling TV, a streaming service that will give you access to a handful of channels, including TBS and TNT, for $20/month. For $5/month extra, you can add truTV, giving you access to every game. Everyone is eligible for a one-week free trial; Xbox One owners can get a one-month free trial, which would cover you for the whole tournament. If you don't have an Xbox, you'll have to decide which week of the tournament you want to watch (or coordinate trial times with your roommates to have nonstop coverage). The free trials are just for the basic plan, which doesn't include truTV. It's still a lot of games for free, though, so it isn't a bad setup.

No. 10 Ohio State plays No. 7 VCU at 4:40 p.m. ET. That game will be on TNT, right after the No. 15 Texas Southern vs. No. 2 Arizona. If that games takes longer than anticipated, though, it'll push back our start time. The Buckeyes and the Rams will face off in Portland, Oregon, a state best known for losing to us in the football national championship game. Also representing the great state of Ohio are Xavier and Cincinnati, who both also play today.

A complete viewing guide for the day's Madness is available below. Go Bucks.

Thurs, March 19, 2015 Time (ET) TV
(14) Northeastern vs. (3) Notre Dame 12:15PM CBS
(14) UAB vs. (3) Iowa State 12:40 PM truTV
(14) Georgia St vs. (3) Baylor 1:40 PM TBS
(15) Texas Southern vs. (2) Arizona 2:10 PM TNT
(11) Texas vs. (6) Butler 2:45 PM CBS
(11) UCLA vs. (6) SMU 3:10 PM truTV
(11) Ole Miss vs. (6) Xavier 4:10 PM TBS
(10) Ohio State vs. (7) Virginia Commonwealth 4:40 PM TNT
(16) Lafayette vs. (1)Villanova 6:50 PM TBS
(9) Purdue vs. (8) Cincinnati 7:10 PM CBS
(13) Harvard vs. (4) North Carolina 7:20 PM TNT
(12) Stephen F. Austin vs. (5) Utah 7:27 PM truTV
(9) LSU vs. (8) NC State 9:20 PM TBS
(16) Hampton vs. (1) Kentucky 9:40 PM CBS
(12) Wofford vs. (5) Arkansas 9:50 PM TNT
(13) Eastern Washington vs. (4) Georgetown 9:57 PM truTV