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Urban Meyer says Ohio State is being cautious w/ Braxton Miller's return, Ed Warinner will still coach from field

The Buckeyes head coach addressed the media as the defending national champs returned to practice.

Urban Meyer spoke to the media Tuesday and provided an update on Ohio State  and their return to spring practice after being off for a week for spring practice. Meyer said it wasn't a "pleasant day", "but it's spring practice". He also mentioned that the offensive line is "really decimated" right now."

Meyer said that Taylor Decker's played over 2000 reps. He added that Ohio State is looking to progressively manage how much wear and tear their guys get.

On the concussion issues dominating the debate surrounding football at present, Meyer said he met with Roger Goodell, a good friend of his. "On a personal level, my son is a freshman in high school." Meyer says it's a tough sport but as long as you're being taught well, it can be safe. Meyer said his daughter got a concussion in volleyball one time. "I'm proud to say I can't imagine a school doing more ... As far as prepping guys, our track record is pretty good at that."

On how the transition from new Houston head coach Tom Herman to new Buckeye OC Ed Warinner will work from a logistical stand point, Meyer said that Ed Warinner will stay on the field and not move up into the press box the way former OSU offensive coordinator Herman was. "The good news is the way we call plays around here, it's not a dictator. I call a good chunk of them and Tim Beck is going to have to assume a lot of that responsibility." Meyer also said that J.T. Barrett was further ahead than expected, and is participating in more activities.

When asked indirectly about Michigan hiring St. Edward coach Rick Finotti as a director of player personnel. "Depends on the high school coach. Again, if well respected ... I hired Kerry Coombs, who is really respected in southwest, really the state of Ohio." He later was asked more pointedly and added Ohio State took notice of the hire. "That gauntlet's been thrown down since the 1800s."

From an X's and O's standpoint, Meyer mentioned one of the biggest challenges for Raekwon McMillan will be replacing a coach on the field. "If Curtis Grant wants to be a coach, he'll be a great coach someday."

The Buckeyes' head coach had plenty to say on the injury front as well. "Zeke has a bone graph. They've pulled back on him a little bit [on Braxton], but everything's fine. Jacoby [Boren]'s fine; he's had several things. Dontre has a broken foot; pins out. I saw him run in the water the other day. Elflein? He's fine. We're just cautious."

"We let far too many big plays last year but that was an impact hire ... Larry Johnson, too," Meyer said on bringing Chris Ash to Columbus. "Those last three games? That was Ohio State football. I can't imagine a better defense."