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NCAA Tournament 2015: Bracket, TV schedule and live streaming for Friday's Sweet 16 games

Half of the Elite Eight has been determined. Who will be joining them this weekend?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation 2015 March Madness Bracket

Today is Day 2 of the Sweet Sixteen, and four teams are looking to move on to the regional finals. Winning your region is no easy feat, however, and anyone looking for a good game of basketball has come to the right place.

Tonight's game will follow pretty much the same broadcast schedule as last night's, with the four games split between CBS and TBS (channels 10/1010 and 17/1202 on Time Warner Columbus/Delaware, respectively). Tonight will feature one number-one seed, as Villanova failed to overcome NC State last week, leaving only No. 1 Duke to play tonight and try to stay on top. Those of us rooting for the Big Ten will want to watch the No. 7 Spartans attempt to take down No. 3 Oklahoma, and fans of the classic Cinderella story won't want to miss No. 11 UCLA, a team that many people felt didn't even deserve a spot in the field of 68. They're also the team with the most tournament wins in history. (They have eleven wins, the same number as their tournament seeding this year. I'm not saying it's fate or anything, but that's giving me chills.)

If you don't have TV at home but don't want to go out, just head over to March Madness Live. (God bless the Internet, bringing us basketball straight to our computers.)

Friday, March 27, 2015 Time (ET) TV
(11) UCLA vs (2) Gonzaga 7:15 PM CBS
(8) NC State vs (4) Louisville 7:37 PM TBS
(5) Utah vs (1) Duke 9:45 PM CBS
(7) Michigan St vs (3) Oklahoma 10:07 PM TBS