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Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Kenney Lyke to visit OSU, Eli Stove too?

Florida WR Eli Stove definitely wants to visit Ohio State. Where do the Bucks stand?

Eli Stove
Eli Stove

As we slowly start to enter into the spring months, we will see recruiting start to pick up. Yes, after National Signing Day there are typically dead periods, but now that February has come and gone and spring practices are almost underway, recruiting can start to be a main talking point yet again. The way this Ohio State class is shaping up, there's a chance that we could see most of the commits on board before the next season even starts. Buckle up.

Stove wants to visit OSU

On Tuesday, Florida wide receiver prospect Eli Stove made it clear that he has plans to take a visit to Ohio State. Stove, a member of the 2016 cycle, is unanimously rated as a top ten WR prospect in this class. He has good size at 6'1, 178 pounds, but there is still room to grow. Stove already did visit Columbus last summer so he does have some familiarity with the city. Right now, Auburn and Florida State look like the favorites, but the fact that he wants to get back to Columbus again is encouraging and telling. It shows that Ohio State shouldn't be slept on and if he does follow through with his word then the Buckeyes are legit contenders. New RB coach Tony Alford is taking the lead recruiting role in this one as he did wonders in the state of Florida while he was an assistant at Notre Dame. This could truly end up being an "Alford Special" and we'll see what kind of magic he has. No decision date has been set for Stove and Ohio State will ride this one to the end.

Lyke to Columbus next week

Illinois defensive back Kenney Lyke is planning to be on campus next Tuesday during an Ohio State spring practice session. Lyke, who recently picked up an offer from Michigan State, is starting to come into his own on the recruiting scene and should continue to pile up the offers. Though Ohio State hasn't offered yet, Lyke has attributes that can't be ignored and that includes his 6'2 frame. With the way the game of football is changing, bigger defensive backs are being coveted more. Add to the fact that they can hit and run at that size and they become more intriguing--Lyke fits that bill. The Spartans appear to be the favorites after extending their offer, but we'll see how much weight that holds when other big programs come knocking on the door. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the junior film on Kenney Lyke.