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NCAA ban may stop Ezekiel Elliott's 'Eddie George' midriff/crop top jersey

College football legislation may put an end to Ezekiel Elliott's exposed midriff.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When the NCAA declined to change the eligible-man-down-field rule in an apparent attempt to curb the popular "pop pass", few thought much, if anything, of the other minor rule changes that were passed and announced concurrently.

One, however, may directly impact Ohio State. Or more specifically, Buckeyes star running back (and preseason Heisman Trophy front runner) Ezekiel Elliott.

Per the NCAA:

"Officials will treat illegal equipment issues - such as jerseys tucked under the shoulder pads or exposed back pads - by making the player leave the field for at least one play. The equipment must be corrected for the player to return to the game. The player may remain in the game if his team takes a timeout to correct the equipment issue."

Though a debate broke out quickly in some Ohio State circles as to whether or not the rule would pertain to Elliott, whose back pads weren't always visible, Elliott was told to lower the jersey enough times by officials during the 2014/15 season (including in college football's championship game), formal legislation prohibiting his ability to do so seemed only a matter of time.

Elliott told Bleacher Report's Ben Axelrod last season the reason he wore the jersey up was somewhat as a competitive advantage. "I like my jersey tucked up ... I don't like people being able to grab on me," he said.

And don't think the news is being taken lightly by the Elliott family. Ezekiel's father, Stacy, is not a fan of the new restriction:

Ezekiel himself's been mostly mum on the issue, but did manage to take the time to retweet a few humor accounts' take on the subject:

Of course, only one question still remains: what if Elliott (and others with similar sartorial flair) simply elected to wear shorter/smaller jerseys?

(H/T: @BleacherReport)