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Yup, President Obama and Joey Bosa shared a Bosa Shrug

Even President Obama knows what's up.

The Ohio State football team had the honor of meeting with President Obama today in Washington D.C. Among some really great moments, the best may have been when the President did the Bosa shrug *with* Joey Bosa.

The president even made sure to reinforce that Bosa and his now infamous shrug will be back in full swing for at least one more season.

Bosa may not have his signature long hair anymore, something the President also commented on, but the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is something Buckeye fans will get to enjoy, if nothing else for a little while longer:

Plus video:

BONUS! President Obama's "not bad" Reddit meme now w/ an Ohio State jersey.

Old school:

New hotness: