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Urban Meyer still expects Braxton Miller to return to Ohio State

The quarterback drama will continue until the first snap of the regular season this fall.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State Head coach Urban Meyer took a few minutes today to join Dan Patrick and talk a bit about the team following spring practice. The clip can be watched below, but here are some of the most interesting bits from the interview:

- When asked what he knows about his team, Meyer knows a lot, quipping, "I know we have a lot of veterans coming back, I'm putting a lot of faith in them."

- The coaching staff was sure to not beat up the players this year in spring practice, unlike previous years where the practices were very physical. They focused a lot on the first two weeks of strength training with a lot of players recovering from injuries.

- Meyer makes special note that they pulled back on some of the "2,000 rep guys" from the past two years, and explained why this was important to do, "first of all, it's the right thing to do and, second of all, you know, it's our job to get them healthy and make sure they're ready for the games."

- He also touted the current college football environment and how the safety of the student athletes has been brought to the forefront; the number of reps is important to pay attention to, to avoid unnecessary injuries. Meyer mentioned that Ohio State is sure to track all the reps players take both in practice and in games; those that may only see 10-15 reps in a game are seeing 60-80 physical reps in practice, so they have to stay vigilant.

- And in the middle of the interview, you get a glimpse of classic Urban Meyer. Dan Patrick: "Cardale Jones is your quarterback?", Urban Meyer: "He's one of them...". Meyer maintained that it's still too early for them to name a starting quarterback and reiterated they have three great talents to do the job.

- Then Patrick hit Meyer with the question of the day, "Are they all staying?", to which Meyer replied:

"That surfaced in January and I asked him and he said 'absolutely not'. Obviously young people or anyone are aloud to change their mind. I have not heard that. I did not ask him, our strength coach did. I don't know where that's coming from, so I would say Braxton is staying, all indications I'm getting....he seems to be extremely happy and excited for 2015 as a Buckeye."

- Meyer and staff are still trying to determine if they are able to utilize all three next season and if they are able to share some of the workload.