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So you drafted Ohio State's Doran Grant?

Doran Grant came up big several times for Ohio State, but will he perform at the next level?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Doran Grant quietly had a fantastic career at Ohio State, leading the silver bullet Buckeye defense in the locker room and huddle, and making key plays when it counted.  You remember his two interception game against Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game last season?  What about six solo tackles against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl?  Doran Grant knows how to perform on the big stage.

Here's what you're getting when you add Doran Grant to your defense:

Grant's shown he can transform his body, working with Mickey Mariotti to turn his relatively small frame into a lean, mean, tackling machine.  That hard work showed at the combine, when Grant posted a second-best bench press, 3rd fasted 40-yard dash  (4.44 seconds), and a 4.33 second shuttle drill.  At Ohio State's pro-day, Grant logged a 35 1/2 inch vertical.  If teams weren't looking at Grant before the combine based on his body stats alone, his performance during the workout may have changed their minds.  Grant's speed and size have always been the question mark by his name; but his performance at the combine may have quieted some critics.

Several teams have met with Grant already, including the re-tooling San Francisco 49ers.  Teams like Green Bay and Pittsburgh have loved Ohio State defenders as of late too, and AJ Hawk and Cameron Heyward have shown that Buckeyes can cut it in the NFL.

A team that drafts Doran Grant gets a hard worker and a leader, an intelligent defensive back who can adjust to the complex routes and schemes used on NFL teams.  Grant had the benefit of working within two defensive systems while at Ohio State, which should allow him to more easily pick up an NFL team's playbook.  As the only returning secondary starter last year, he helped turn a young defense into a powerhouse.

Doran Grant also brings much-needed maturity to the locker room.  As the NFL continues to scrutinize its image, teams looking at Grant don't need to worry about off-field issues.

Grant's projected to go in the third-round right now, and can instantly give a team more depth at cornerback, backing up a starter, but ready to take the field when injuries or fatigue strike.  In the right defensive scheme, he could be a starter out of the gate.  Get this man into a camp and watch him shine under pro-level tutelage.