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Why is this news?: Joey Bosa's offseason work could pay off next season, marketing's role in recruiting

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Entering the 2015 season as one of the top prospects, Joey Bosa looks to maintain (and potentially elevate) his game.
Entering the 2015 season as one of the top prospects, Joey Bosa looks to maintain (and potentially elevate) his game.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

"A lot of times I was just doing my own thing just because I felt like I always had to go make that play to change the game. It got better throughout the season, but watching the film I'd see that plays could just fall in my lap. And as long as I'm doing my job I'll make even more plays. I'd see five or six sacks I could have had (but didn't) because I went inside and he scrambled outside or something like that."

- Joey Bosa via Tim May, The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa enters the 2015 season rated as one of the top prospects on many NFL scouts' draft boards, even as high as number one overall. But even with the elevated expectations individually, Bosa will also be expected to help lead the reigning national champions' defense and anchor the defensive line along with Adolphus Washington. The rising junior was credited with 13.5 sacks in 2014, only half of a sack away from Vernon Gholston's school season record. Despite already proving himself as one of the best defensive linemen in the country, Bosa only wants to improve himself for the upcoming season.

While head coach Urban Meyer had Bosa on the sidelines for the majority of spring (due to being a member of what Meyer calls the "2,000-rep club" - players that deserved a break from the action to help rest their bodies), Bosa hasn't been resting on his laurels either. Already a tremendous weight lifter, Bosa has also been watching and studying film from games last season to help improve the mental side of his play. If he's looking to cut down on mistakes, Big Ten quarterbacks might have even more to be worried about in the back of their mind when playing the Buckeyes.

"I think the idea was that we have to appeal to the masses and now it's we need to appeal to recruits because these guys are going to help us win. More and more schools are figuring out that their marketing and branding is a big deal when it comes to recruiting."

- Buddy Overstreet via Tom VanHaaren, ESPN

Tom VanHaaren at ESPN took a look at how college football programs have shifted how they go about recruiting talented high school prospects in a broader sense - taking advantage of marketing opportunities. With the fairly recent explosion of social media outlets such as Twitter, name recognition and branding seem to be all the rage for college programs. And there's a reason for it. These young athletes are already spending a considerable amount of time online and on their phones. What better way to appeal to the masses than to use fancy graphics that catch people's eyes?

Programs are now willing to pay a hefty amount of money to ensure they can hire more marketing-type of employees to help build their brand and plaster their name anywhere they can. As the article mentions, the competition in recruiting seems to be getting fiercer each year as college coaches look to secure the next stars of their program.

"Top Big Ten Quarterbacks: No. 4 - Cardale Jones, No. 1 - J.T. Barrett."

- Kevin Ryan, 247Sports

247Sports broke down the top five quarterbacks in the Big Ten on Tuesday and the list featured two of the three quarterbacks on Ohio State's roster. The list kicked off with Tommy Armstrong from Nebraska at fifth, followed by Cardale Jones at fourth, Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg at third, Michigan State's Connor Cook at second, and Buckeye quarterback J.T. Barrett finishing in the top spot.

Barrett had a fantastic debut filling in for the injured Braxton Miller last season, completing 203 of 314 passes for 2,834 yards and 34 touchdowns. He was also the team's second-leading rusher with 938 yards and 11 more scores in less than 12 full games. Eventually he suffered a season-ending injury in the final game of the season against Michigan. After that, Cardale Jones took the reins and helped dominate Wisconsin to push Ohio State into the playoffs against Alabama and eventually in the national championship against Oregon.

The latest college football championship odds have been released, with the Buckeyes emerging as the top team in 2015. It's not really a surprise to see Ohio State with the best odds, returning an impressive amount of starters on offense and defense, while also having a mix of talented young players. When you consider they have three of the top quarterbacks in the country on their roster, it makes even more sense.

As for the rest, Alabama follows Ohio State with 6-to-1 odds in second. TCU trails Alabama with 8-to-1 odds, followed by USC (15-to-1), Baylor (15-to-1), Auburn (15-to-1), and UCLA (18-to-1).