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So you drafted Ohio State's Darryl Baldwin?

After starting for Ohio State at right tackle in 2014 during their national championship run, Darryl Baldwin is hoping to get a shot to prove himself in the NFL.

After helping Ohio State win a national championship, Darryl Baldwin has latched on in the NFL
After helping Ohio State win a national championship, Darryl Baldwin has latched on in the NFL
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After spending two years backing up Jack Mewhort on the offensive line, in 2014 Darryl Baldwin finally got his shot to crack Ohio State's starting lineup. While there were some growing pains at first, the fifth-year senior found his groove on the line and was able to be a key part in the magical title run by the Buckeyes.

In high school, Baldwin excelled on the other side of the football, being named the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's Defensive Player of the Year in his senior season. After redshirting in 2010, Baldwin saw a little time in 2011 on defense, and was able to record a sack against Akron. There wouldn't be too much more impact from Baldwin on the defensive side though, as he slowly began the transition to offensive line following that season.

Baldwin may only have one year of starting under his belt, but he continued to get better as the year went on, which has to be intriguing to NFL teams. At 6'6 and 307 pounds, Baldwin has prototypical size for a tackle, he just needs to get more reps and seasoning to help improve his skills. It certainly can't hurt Baldwin that he was able to grow under the teachings of Ed Warinner the last few years.


Arms/Hands: Along with his 6'6 frame, Baldwin also possesses some long arms, which helps him to try and jam rushers and slow them down as they are trying to make their way into the backfield. Baldwin has shown to have effective hands as well, and knows when to use them to his advantage.

Strength: Being that he started off his college career on the defensive line, Baldwin does have a lot of strength packed into his big body. At Ohio State's pro day, Baldwin was able to do 30 reps on the 225-pound bench press, which would have ranked fourth at the NFL Combine among offensive tackles had Baldwin been invited to compete.


Experience: With only moving to the offensive line before spring practices in 2012, and only having one year starting under his belt, Baldwin is still very green when compared to guys who have been playing offensive line for years. Baldwin will have to find the right NFL team that will give him time to expand his skills and give him time to grow, and not expect him to step in and contribute immediately.

Agility: There have been times when Baldwin's play on the line has been very stiff, which allows for athletic edge rushers to get the best of him. Baldwin is great against some of the straight-ahead rushers that try to use their power more than lateral movement, but he can be vulnerable against the better athletes with how high he tends to play. Needs to play with a little more explosion, as there are times when he can appear a little sluggish.