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2015 NFL Draft results: Evan Spencer to Washington with 187th pick

He waited for his chance, and now Evan Spencer will be playing in the big leagues.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State Buckeye wide receiver Evan Spencer is headed to Washington after being taken with the 187th pick in this year's NFL draft. As one of the most consistent leaders on the championship winning Buckeye team, Spencer will be welcomed and respected at the next level.

His highlight reels include several infamous one-handed catches and his speed off the line is envied. He finished his career as a Buckeye with 52 receptions for 579 yards, seven touchdowns and one touchdown pass. At 6'2 and 208 pounds, he should fit well into the Washington's offense.

While he may pick up the occasionally poorly thrown pass, he could thrive in that offense and really fine tune his skills down field. He's been successful in both the short and long game, and could easily find himself in the starting line-up sometimes his rookie season.

Spencer is the player who worked hard, followed the rules and is now reaping the benefits.