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10 reasons Ohio State-Hawaii should be a road game instead

Well, duh.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

As much as we love Ohio State home games, this may be one instance in which Buckeye fans may prefer an away venue. From beaches to breakfast platters, here’s a list of the top ten reasons we would rather go to Hawaii for game two:

1. Love golf? How could you not playing it here

2. This. I mean just look at it

3. These crazy waves

4. While campus may, Columbus hotels don't offer this

5. The Columbus Zoo is jealous, too

6. Even McDonald's is better

7. The Columbus Marathon is great but it's no Ironman

8. Appalachia can't offer active volcanoes

9. Authentic hula dancing >>>

10. And finally, because it might be the only place in the world you might catch Urban Meyer confidant Bill Belichick in a lei. Or smiling, for that matter.