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Ohio State athletics boast high APR scores for 2013-2014

The NCAA released their APR scores for the 2013-2014 season,and Ohio State is once again getting it down in the classroom, as well as on the field.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

On the field, the Ohio State athletic department is in excellent shape. Football and wrestling won national titles, men's lacrosse made the Elite Eight, and the future is bright for Ohio State baseball, men's and women's basketball, and more. Today, the NCAA released APR scores, and judging by Ohio State's performance, the Buckeyes are getting things done in the classroom as well.

The APR, or Academic Progress Rate, measures how well a school is moving student-athletes towards a degree. Teams are awarded points for keeping students academically eligible and moving towards a degree, and are docked if students lose their eligibility, or transfer. 1000 is the highest score, and programs who regularly score below 930 may be subject to NCAA penalties, such as loss of scholarships, or postseason bans, like UConn men's basketball recently faced.

Judging by their 2013-2014 scores, the Buckeyes don't need to worry about any potential penalties, at least not for high profile sports. Ohio State football finished with a score of 973, while Men's basketball recorded a 975 score, both well above the penalty cutoff line. Only one Ohio State sport, Mixed Rifle, scored anywhere especially close to the penalty line, with a score of 932. Women's Tennis and Women's Cross Country scored perfect 1000 scores.

These scores are comparable to last season, when Ohio State football recorded a 972, and Men's Basketball scored a 975.

The APR is a highly imperfect tool for measuring true academic success (it does not take GPA or major into account, for example), and could potentially be gamed, but at the very least, this shows that Ohio State's major sports are keeping attrition down and moving students towards completion of a degree. Regular scores in the 970s also gives Ohio State a lot of flexibility in case they have one unexpectedly bad APR year (due to a rash of transfers, for example).

TL;DR: As a program, Ohio State is doing a solid job -- at least as far as the NCAA is concerned -- in moving their student athletes towards degree completion. And even if they have an unexpectedly harsh season for attrition or academics, their high profile programs are nowhere near in danger of academic sanctions. That's good news.