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Mick Jagger O-H's the crowd at Ohio Stadium, plays Hang on Sloopy

Satisfaction got.

Returning to the 'Shoe nearly 18 years after they last played there, the timeless Rolling Stones rocked a Columbus crowd last night in Ohio Stadium.

In the first of a string of concerts on the Buckeyes' home turf this summer, the Stones were as good as advertised. And in perhaps the highlight of the night, as seen above, the band's immortal frontman knew how to play to the heart of the home crowd.

But that wasn't all the band did.

They also led the crowd in a cover of the official state rock song, "Hang on Sloopy":

So will One Direction measure up to one of the best rock bands of the 20th century? Only time will tell. But something tells me Harry Styles isn't going to be leading the stadium in an O-H or covering The McCoys in front of thousands of screaming tweens.