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Why is this news?: Ohio State's Joey Bosa getting top pick love, Urban the top coach in the Big Ten

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

"If there is an early frontrunner for best player in the draft, it's Ohio State junior defensive end Joey Bosa."

-Dan Kadar, SB Nation

Joey Bosa is good.  We know this, and Kadar is the latest to float the idea of Bosa being the top pick in the 2016 draft.  He cites the examples of Jadeveon Clowney and Leonard Williams, considered the best overall prospect in the 2015 draft, as defensive ends taken at or near the top.  It's fair to say we probably won't see Joey Bosa in scarlet and gray come fall 2016, but he certainly could have an absolutely monster season this year, if he's healthy.

"There was never really any doubt about his place among the nation's best coaches, but if there was, Meyer clearly solidified his top billing with Ohio State's 2014 season."

-Steven Lassan, Athlon Sports

No surprises here.  Lassan gives Meyer the credit he deserves for winning the national championship with his third string quarterback.  How many coaches could do that? The fact that Ohio State is stocked with top talent at virtually every position, and with how so many Buckeyes have developed further makes this clear. It's hard to complain about the job Meyer has done at Ohio State, and his resume stacks up with anybody in the country, let alone the Big Ten.

The choice for number two though seems interesting, and there may be a few other names that seem a little high to some of our readers.

"How will Urban Meyer handle winning this time? How will he live with a national championship?"

-Doug Lesmerises, Northwest Ohio Media Group

Lesmerises compares Meyer's mental state following the national championship compared to how he dealt with the mounting pressure after his two national titles while at Florida.  Similar to when he took the Buckeye job, Meyer cites a renewed focus on what's really important in life and a newfound ability to keep things in perspective.  He loves living in Ohio and being a Buckeye. Learning to handle success can be almost as hard as becoming successful in the first place though.

"National champion Ohio State spent $4.4 million on two College Football Playoff trips..."

-Jon Solomon, CBS Sports

All those hotels, meals, and bus trips to practice add up fast.  Not to mention the university sponsored traveling party that was taken to both games.  Ohio State wasn't the biggest spender per game however, with that honor falling to Alabama.  Also, the Buckeyes sold more playoff tickets than the other four schools. I wonder why...


It's festival season in Columbus.

Isn't Parris Campbell still a teenager?

Does the Horseshoe count?

respect the attempt, man.