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Eastern Michigan’s coach thinks Baylor and Duke have been just as impressive as Ohio State

Ohio State won a national championship! Northern Illinois made a BCS bowl that one time! You be the judge.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes college football coaches say stupid things over the course of the summer when trying to promote their own programs. This is one of those things.

Eastern Michigan second-year coach Chris Creighton had this to say on a Michigan talk radio program when discussing the growth and goals of his own program. Here's the money quote, via

"To me, those are all programs that were not at the top of the heap and are now and have sustained success," Creighton said. " I would also argue, whoever won the national championship, Ohio State, there’s a lot of confetti and it’s a great accomplishment, but to me, not greater than what Baylor, Kansas State, Duke and Northern Illinois have accomplished."

"That’s what we have the opportunity to do at Eastern Michigan, really do something great. Going from what it is right now to hopefully becoming special."

That's right. Going to seven bowl games in a row out of the MAC is a more impressive accomplishment than winning a national championship. Sure, Chris.

Of course, coaches have to spin the program they're leading however they can when speaking to recruits. Even if that means trying to convince players it's a more fulfilling and rewarding exercise going 6-6 at a MAC program known far more for possibly falsifying attendance numbers to stay in the FBS that has played in their only postseason game 28 years ago. Right?




Guess we'll just say SCOREBOARD, Chris.