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Ohio State recruiting: Recently offered 2017 TE Matt Dotson talks Ohio State

Ohio State's latest TE offer, Matt Dotson, shares about his recruiting process.

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This past Thursday, we had the opportunity to speak with Matt Dotson. Dotson is the latest TE prospect to receive an offer from the Buckeyes. A native son of Ohio, Matt is from Cincinnati, Ohio where he attends the prestigious Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller High School. As of right now, Matt does not hold a ranking on, but that is sure to change as the 6-foot-5, 225 pound TE continues to see a major increase in his recruitment by many of the top schools in the country.

On Saturday, Dotson attended a one-day position camp at Ohio State where he was offered a scholarship by the home state Buckeyes. It is still very early in his recruiting process, but anytime an offer is extended by the home team national champions, it is sure to make an impact. Currently, the crystal ball has a 100% prediction rate of Dotson ending up at Ohio State, but it is still early in the process. With offers from Ohio State, Tennessee, Cincinnati and Illinois, look for more schools to hand out their invitation in the near future.

To see what Matt had to say to Land-Grant Holy Land, check out the conversation below.

LGHL: How often do you talk with OSU and which coach talks with you the most?

Matt: I talk with coach Coombs and coach Hinton every week.

LGHL: What do you believe us your greatest asset as a TE? What are your strengths?

Matt: My ability to get off the ball quickly and evade second level defenders and make plays after making a catch.

LGHL: What schools and or programs contact you the most as of right now?

Matt: Tennessee, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, LSU, and Wisconsin. I just check in every week or so with the coaches.

LGHL: Do you have a leader right now? Who are the schools you have the most interest in?

Matt: No leader. I would say those six would have my interest so far.

LGHL: Do you have an idea when you'd like to commit or a certain timetable for a decision?

Matt: I'm thinking sometime next January, but things could always change.

LGHL: What is your favorite part of the recruiting process and what is your least favorite?

Matt: I would say my favorite thing is going to visit all the schools and I don't really have a least favorite thing because I'm just thankful to have the opportunity to play college ball.

LGHL: What are your summer plans in terms of visits and where will your next visits be?

Matt: Ohio State this weekend, Notre Dame the weekend after, Wisconsin the next, and then sometime in July, Michigan State.

Thanks so much to Matt for his time and willingness to talk with us! To see Matt's highlights courtesy of Hudl, check out the video below: