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D'Angelo Russell's passing is only bested by Magic Johnson, per Rick Pitino

The almost Louisville Cardinal wowed his would've been head coach.

Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino took to SportsCenter Wednesday morning to provide some insight on Thursday's 2015 NBA Draft.

Besides talking up some of his guys and the usual you can expect from a college basketball power's head coach, Pitino also took a second to address some questions about a local product he missed out on, Ohio State standout D'Angelo Russell.

Though Pitino unquestionably would've loved to be the beneficiary of a year of Russell leading the Cardinals (in a get that could've helped push Louisville that much closer to another title), he didn't exactly mince words when asked about the kind of impact Russell has in a game:

High praise indeed.

Pitino went on to laud Russell's playmaking ability and champion him for whichever NBA team is fortunate enough to end up with him.