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This insane 2015 Ohio State trailer reminds you how filthy the Buckeyes will be again


Big Ten title? Check.

Getting the Buckeyes' monkey against the SEC off their backs (again)? Yup.

National title? You know it.

We're still two months and change away from the best sport in the world being back in our lives, but to help make that process come that much faster, the Ohio State video crew (led by the intrepid David Trichel), have put together another masterclass gem that you're going to want to watch over and over and over until Sept. 7 is upon us.

After all, you could rewatch Ohio State's semifinal win at the Sugar Bowl against Alabama, Ohio State's landmark victory over Oregon in the inaugural College Football Playoff Championship Game, or well, you could watch this about a hundred times and get the same level of goosebumps. The choice is yours.

Go Bucks.