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Urban Meyer and Snoop Dogg, together at last

Ain't nuthin but a 'g' thang.

Major League Baseball's All-Star Weekend may seem like nails on the chalkboard to many who aren't hyper baseball inclined, but getting to participate in it, on the other hand, is probably pretty top of the mountain.

In addition to getting to market his program simply by heading down 71 and playing a little softball, Urban Meyer got to rub shoulders with media giants like hip-hop icon Snoop (late Dogg).

Meyer's photo bomb game remains on point, as he saw Snoop conducting an interview and made sure to let him know what was up:

And of course, it's always important to take a moment and make sure you get a photo, "coach-to-coach", as the youth football coach posted to his Instagram page:

Coach to coach !!

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