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Watch Paul Finebaum suggest the SEC is overrated

Is this real life?

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SEC Media Days.

The sites. The spectacle. The ... God-fearing folks trolling Alabama.

This year's Media Days have been one of the duller in recent memories, unfortunately. Gus Malzahn puffing his chest by talking about how great the 2-5 in bowl games SEC West is and coaches showing up in Yeezys have been about the only memorable moments so far.

Until Tuesday afternoon.

During an appearance ESPN's SportsCenter, the SEC Network's (and host of his eponymous show) Paul Finebaum dropped the Finebomb to end all Finebombs:

Paul Finebaum said WHAT?!?!

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While it's fun to giggle uncontrollably at the thought of one of the SEC's most vocal talking heads chiding the league, he did add some additional context a day later.

"I think it was pretty obvious what I was trying to say. Trying to say, not making any excuses right now guys," Finebaum started by making a Nick Saban joke.

"The bottom line is, this is a tough league, we all know that, and while the debate last year, [whether or not the SEC would get] two teams [in the playoff], I'm not sure if all the SEC teams have two losses, which is a reasonable possibility, that they'll get in the four team playoff. That's the bottom line," Finebaum clarified.

"The bottom line is, that this league, we hear the phrase cannibalizing each other, it does happen. In the meat of the league, it's a very good league. Is it the greatest league of all time like I said and others said last year? I don't think it's that good," he added.