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Cardale Jones won the Twitter game once again during the ESPYs

Ol' 12-Gauge was in attendance for ESPN's yearly award show in LA, and he wanted Ronda Rousey and Kendall Jenner to know it.

This is something you already know, but there's no one that does Twitter like Cardale Jones.

He gained his first notoriety on the site a few years back, and he's already figured out how to get things he wants on the social network: He tweeted his way to throwing out the Cleveland Indians' first pitch earlier this summer.

Tonight, he thought he'd try his hand at something a bit steeper: finding himself a rather-famous date. The third-stringer-turned-national-championship-winning-quarterback was in Los Angeles for the ESPY's Wednesday among some of the hottest names in sports and Hollywood -- and Cardale set his sights high to start.

His first recruiting target was Ronda Rousey:

UFC's twitter #brand thought this would be a good time chime in to promote Rousey's upcoming fight, but Cardale's support for your pay-per-view content comes with strings:

But Ronda didn't reply during the show. So Cardale did as any in-demand national championship winning quarterback would do -- move to his second option:

He's learning the Hollywood ways, too -- kill the tabloid rumors before they start and keep those paparazzi at bay.

All hail King Cardale, thrower of touchdowns and president of Twitter dot com.