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Why is this news?: Why the Buckeyes will or will not repeat, Cardale Jones is a fun guy

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

"The Buckeyes' path to a repeat involves beating Michigan in an intense rivalry game on the final weekend of the regular season, winning the Big Ten title game and then playing two elite-caliber opponents in a 12-day span."

Brian Bennett, ESPN

Bennett explores the reasons why Ohio State will repeat, as well as the reasons they won't repeat. The Buckeyes were fortunate that the majority of their injuries happened at the quarterback position, as that clearly was not an issue for this team. When you win the championship, and looked as dominant as the Buckeyes did, you always get the opposing team's best game, and nothing less should be expected this year. Their games in conference play should be tougher this year, with games against Michigan State and Minnesota, and of course against Michigan at the end of the year.

It really does feel hard, though, to imagine an Ohio State team to come off of a season where they are truly the first undisputed national champions, returning most of their standout players, to lose. In the BCS, teams largely had to be perfect in order to repeat, and that's a very tough thing to ask of young college athletes. If the Buckeyes managed a loss to a Virginia Tech team last season that finished 7-6, and still made the playoff, I like their chances of repeating better than I would in the BCS. While you don't want the team thinking they don't have to be perfect in order to accomplish another national championship, while the task is difficult, it is (in theory) easier than those that have come before them. Regardless, this team is loaded with special talent, and I believe most people would be surprised if they didn't repeat.

"It’s been awhile since an Ohio State quarterback brought this much fun and charisma to the job."

Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch on Cardale Jones

I mean, really though. When was the last time we had this much fun with a quarterback as we have had with Cardale Jones? Cardale is the gift that keeps on giving, especially on Twitter. He is never afraid to speak his mind, and has a bunch of confidence, as he displayed when he was at the ESPYs:

He is not afraid of sticking out by any means, and at the same time, you can tell he just enjoys living life. Oller draws a huge difference between Cardale's personality and that of Johnny Manziel, saying that Manziel's outspoken personality seemed more selfish, which I believe may have been more of Manziel soaking in his celebrity than anything. Posting pictures with Drake, LeBron James, James Harden, courtside at Heat games, etc. whereas Cardale is just being himself, enjoys himself, and doesn't care what people think about him. Either way, Cardale Jones is the most fun we have had with a quarterback in some time at Ohio State.

"In case you were wondering just how the Buckeyes would stack up against the preseason SEC All-conference team, I think they'd have seven or eight starters among the 22."

Bruce Feldman, FOX Sports

This just continues to reiterate what we know about the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes, that we expect a lot of things from a team that showed us a lot of things last season. Feldman says he would take any of the three Buckeye quarterbacks over Mississippi State's Dak Prescott, as well as Ezekiel Elliott over Nick Chubb or Leonard Fournette. Feldman also notes that the Buckeyes would get one to two linemen represented, noting first OG Pat Elflein, and makes note of Taylor Decker, but adding that he feels he doesn't have as much upside.

On the defensive side of the ball, Feldman takes Joey Bosa on the defensive line, Joshua Perry and Darron Lee as his linebackers, and Vonn Bell at safety. In totality, if you combine all the names, Feldman is closer to having eight to nine starters than his stated seven to eight. No matter how you stack it up, Ohio State players could overcome almost half of a preseason SEC All-conference team, a conference that has owned college football for the past several years. That speaks not only to how good this upcoming Ohio State team should be, but it also shows Urban Meyer is truly bringing in another breed of player to Columbus.

"A year after wresting the attendance crown from Michigan for the first time in 17 years, the Buckeyes hope their house will remain the biggest in the country."

David Briggs, The Blade

Ohio State overcame Michigan's attendance dynasty last season for the first time in 17 years, and will try to maintain the record this year, although that task will be quite difficult. The hiring of Jim Harbaugh was the first step in the right direction for the school up north. They will also find a great benefit in that they play both Ohio State and Michigan State in Ann Arbor this year. It also doesn't hurt that the Big House's official capacity is 109,901 compared to Ohio Stadium's 104,944.

Gene Smith has said that there will not be any expansion anytime soon, and that makes sense. Although having sold out their four Big Ten games, there is still availability in the early games of the season. With such high expectations for Ohio State this season, there is no doubt a high demand for Buckeye tickets. People will want to be able to say they saw the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes in person, so there is no reason the fanbase can't fill up the seats at The Shoe. What it will come down to, is how good Michigan is this season. Even then, the hype surrounding Harbaugh and the Wolverines may be too much to overcome; they haven't had anything to look forward to seemingly since the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech in 2012.