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Ohio State football uses offseason to form brotherhoods

The team that plays together, stays together...

Urban Meyer touted his team on more than one occasion this offseason, calling them a group closer than he'd ever seen and one he would take against any opponent. High praise from the Buckeye head coach isn't something that comes easily; his national championship-winning team earned it and more. Meyer has repeatedly talked about the power of the unit, and that means every unit on the team needs to trust each other.

One of the most important parts of a team sport is working together toward a common goal. We all know what that goal is, but now is the time to cultivate camaraderie among the team and incoming players; continue to strengthen the bond they had last season and make it a priority.

Here's a look at what the Ohio State coaches are doing to make sure their squads are tight on and off the field.

Quarterbacks took to the track

Corners went racing too, plus food

Running backs shot each other with paintballs

The Linebackers went paintballing too

"Zone 6" receivers took to new heights

And of course they feast together

If you can't bond with your teammates by shooting them and driving karts super fast, how can you? Here's hoping that July bonding leads to fall success this season.