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Why is this news?: Virginia Tech gears up for 'most anticipated game ever'

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All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

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"Who do you think will be Ohio State's starting quarterback next year?"

-Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

The never ending saga of the quarterback.  It's funny.  I fully expected myself, at this point in the off-season, to be completely burnt out on the discussion of who would play quarterback for the Buckeyes this fall.  Instead, I find myself strangely enjoying the never ending conversation.  After all, there has never been anything quite like this in college football history, let alone Ohio State history.  Someday we will look back on this off-season and wax poetic about the stable of quarterback talent we had assembled. Enjoy it while it lasts because really, there is no wrong decision when it comes to the three.

Here, Landis kicks off a new feature with the first installment of the Ohio State quarterback hotlist.  He and Lesmerises rank the three quarterbacks and giver their reasoning as to who will start.

"I think it's the most anticipated game ever to come"

-Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer, via Fox Sports

Is it September 7th yet?  What a way to kick off the 2015 season under the lights in Blacksburg against the team who handed the Buckeyes their only loss last season.  With the way Ohio State finished 2014 there seems to be a lack of real anxiety about the season opener.  Most expect the Buckeyes to win handedly; of course this makes sense as the Buckeyes are clearly the most talented team in college football.

But the first game, and really the first few games, of a new season is not going to go as smoothly as we all hope.  The boys will not have played a real game in eight months, and there is bound to be some adjusting to the whole quarterback situation.  There is a definite possibility that Urban will play all three guys in week one.  Not to mention the Virginia Tech defense is not to be taken lightly; combined with a home crowd that will get all the more rowdy the longer the game stays close.  I expect the Buckeyes to win obviously, not watch out for the Hokies.

"The Ohio State Buckeyes have more star power on their roster than any other team in college football"

-David Regimbal, Bleacher Report

The speed with which Urban Meyer has revamped the Ohio State roster and injected so much talent into the program is mind-boggling.  Four years ago the program had grown stale and the roster was full of marginally talented players; upperclassmen were too comfortable and not being pushed to earn their starting spot.  With Meyer that all changed.  The roster is near the top of college football from a talent standpoint, and each year younger players are looking to break out and make a name for themselves.  It's the competition that Meyer craves.  This fall guys like Raekwon McMillan, Curtis Samuel, and Tyquan Lewis are looking to take that next step forward; that being increased on-field production.

"To say coach Urban Meyer and his staff are on a roll right now is an understatement."

-Tom VanHaaren, ESPN

Success breeds success.  In college football that means on-field success leads to success on the recruiting trail.  After all, it is easier to sell a winning program than a program in "transition" or "re-building."  And while the Buckeyes have an excellent '16 class, the '17 class is better so far.  Since Urban took over the only program on par with Ohio State recruiting wise is Alabama.


No word yet if Urban will be his running mate.

Stay safe.

That's a lot of watches.

State pride.