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What does Nick Bosa bring to Ohio State football?

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Breaking down the next great Bosa who will be donning the scarlet and gray.

Ohio State nabbed another member from the Bosa family, but this one may be the best Bosa of all.

Nick Bosa stands at 6'4, 265 pounds and has the strength, motor and not to mention the family genes, to play early in Columbus. Even as a sophomore and junior at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they play the best competition in the country, Bosa's size and power made him stand out on film. He has a sturdy, thick frame that will only become stronger at Ohio State under strength coach Mickey Marotti.

What makes Bosa so great at St. Thomas Aquinas, is his versatility and his ability to play all over the defensive line, just how his brother is used at Ohio State. When watching him on film, he will line up at defensive end in the 4-3 on one play, defensive tackle in the 4-3 on the next play, then as a defensive end and even a nose guard in the 3-4 at another point in the game.

Here are some screen caps below that show his versatility:

When lining up across the defensive line, Bosa is most disruptive against the run. In 2014, he registered 29.5 tackles for loss and created constant disruption in the backfield. He displays an explosive first step which allows himself to use his powerful hand strike on the opposing offensive lineman right away, typically knocking him back into the backfield. He faces constant double teams and he is borderline unblockable versus one lineman. Not only is he physical off of the snap, but he has the side-to-side quickness to take up blockers across the line of scrimmage. Bosa is a mean, tough football player against the run who is a true game changer on the early downs.

Just like he is against the run, Bosa uses his quick first step to cause problems as a pass rusher. He explodes off of the line of scrimmage and uses his violent hands to knock back the lineman in pass protection. His ability to line up anywhere across the line of scrimmage on passing downs allows him to create mismatches for not only himself, but also for his teammates. Bosa has the talent and athleticism to beat a tackle off the edge or use his power to bull rush inside to collapse the pocket.

SB Nation's recruiting guru Bud Elliott had this to say about Urban Meyer's newest and most prized 2016 commit, "Bosa's combination of strength and advanced technique is overwhelming for opposing offensive linemen. He offers some versatility, being able to play five- or three-technique, and if he continues to add weight like his genes suggest he may, Bosa should be able to play early."

Overall, Nick Bosa's skill-set and game translates to big time college football, relatively easy. He has the mix of size, strength, quickness and versatility to step into Ohio Stadium as a true freshman and be in the defensive line rotation. Bosa has the ability and genes to replicate his older brother's footprint at Ohio State and starting on Saturday's in 2016, Buckeye fans will be seeing another Bosa on the defensive line after Joey likely heads to the NFL as a top five selection.